Medical Malpractice Insurance

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For over two decades, Superior Malpractice Insurance Services has provided doctors with the most comprehensive malpractice insurance coverage at the lowest available rates. We’ve partnered with the Malpractice Insurance industry’s top underwriters to identify coverage that matches the needs of any practice, including those with previous claims.

Most Medical Professionals are Overpaying for Coverage.

Every year, more medical professionals pay higher rates for less malpractice coverage. We incessantly perform extensive searches of the entire Medical Malpractice Insurance market to find the lowest Malpractice Insurance rates for our clients. Significant savings are just a few clicks or short phone call away.

A business is a huge investment; do not leave it to chance by having inadequate insurance coverage.

Superior Malpractice Insurance Services, Inc. is a business too, so we understand the importance of comprehensive coverage. We offer many options for business insurance, no matter how big or small your business may be. Contact us today and fill out our free business insurance quote form!

One of the most important practice decisions you will make is choosing your medical professional liability insurance carrier. Medical malpractice settlements have never been higher and defense costs are on the rise. Without the proper liability protection from a dedicated medical malpractice insurance carrier, an unfortunate lawsuit could be financially devastating. It's vital to select a medical malpractice insurance policy that meets all of your needs. By thoroughly investigating your options, you can make the right decision in selecting a strong, reputable, and financially stable medical malpractice insurance carrier who will protect and stand by you when you need it most. Superior Malpractice Insurance Services, Inc. is an independent brokerage, made up of experienced agents who help physicians obtain medical malpractice insurance. We work with multiple medical malpractice insurance carriers. To ensure that physicians are selecting the best malpractice insurance plans, specific to their situation.

Making sense of all the medical malpractice insurance policies on the market can be overwhelming; our job is to help make it easy .Our team of professionals wants to give you the best solution for your medical professional liability needs.


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